Market Research

At WMJ Kelleher & Associates we help clients complete market research so that all relevant issues are adequately addressed. We focus on the target market, that group of buyers who will choose to purchase and continue to purchase a product or service

Generally what is of most interest (for those proposing new business ventures) is the size of opportunity; therefore, we place a lot of attention on the following information:

An indication of how large the market is and how fast it is growing.

Is there room for your presence in that market?

Can the market expand to include you?

Will market demand for your products or services grow?

A definition of your target market. Who are they? Where are they from? What characteristics describe them? Consider the market from different points of view such as geographic location or segmentation, demographic features and behavioural factors.

An explanation of why customers in the target market will purchase your product or service. What are your solutions to customer problems? What customer pain will your product or service ease?  Emphasize the reasons customers will buy your product. What are the benefits for those buyers? How will your customers differentiate your product from your competitors’?