Financial Analysis

A business has to have a healthy cash flow to survive, and has to have the long-term potential for profitability—otherwise, why do it?

At WMJ Kelleher & Associates we have the tools to help you analyse the financial performance of your business and help you create achievable financial targets.

We can assist you in developing a clearly defined ‘Business Model’ which not only focuses on how you create value but more important how you generate the rewards from creating such value.

At the outset we pay close attention to cash planning. Although most people think of profits first, cash flow can be more important for a start-up venture.

We provide you with the tools that will facilitate you doing the majority of the ‘number crunching’ yourself. Even if you are not a ‘numbers person’ we will enable you to ‘get in there’ and do the work of building a cash flow statement.

A ‘risk averse’ approach is adopted therefore we don’t plan on overburdening the business with too much debt. Debt can seem attractive—ready cash!—but too much debt can weigh down a company’s ability to grow.