Growing Your Business

At WMJ Kelleher & Associates we help clients grow their business placing particular emphasis that the prerequisites of growth are present. These include:

  • The Ability to define a market need – your value proposition.
  • The most fundamental prerequisite for success as a new or growing venture is the ability to identify and define a market need that is not currently being satisfied or can be satisfied in a different way. It is customer need not supplier want that is the key to success.
  • The ability to develop, acquire, or provide a product or service that will satisfy the identified market need.
  • The ability to build an organization that is capable of functioning.
  • We ensure you have identified and are you focusing on the most attractive markets where your capabilities count.
  • We assist you so that there is a clear perception of the challenges in establishing the business in these markets.
  • We help you screen for market relevance and attractiveness.
  • We assist you developed a ‘to do’ list of the items and issues required to be undertaken.
  • Not only to we ensure you have the ability to grow but we provide you with the means of evaluating that rewards of growth are worthwhile for your business.
  • We are particularly conscious that the ‘pursuit of turnover is vanity’.